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Here is my new home

Here is the new pottery work-space.It has taken about nine hours to make this clear space, with the help of Elaine and John. The work shed belongs to Elaine who has kindly allowed me to use the shed for my pottery. The shed was used before by Elaine’s husband for his wood-turning. sadly Elaines husband died around six months ago and the workshop has not been in use for around that time. The shed has needed a good clear out for its new beginning as potters shed and work-shed and I hope and feel that Elaine is happy with the result. I would just like to say how grateful I am to Elaine for this golden opportunity for the use of such a great work space. After the Derbyshire open Arts 2012 weekend I should start to make a dint into setting up my working area and generally moving certain items in.The Alsager wheel is on its way some time after the Arts weekend.