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potters kick wheel plans

Hi everyone I have had for some time these potters kick wheel plans. I thought it was time to share these plans. The plans have been sat on my computer for some time, taking up storage space. At one time I thought I could build my own, but this adventure when  doing got out of control! I think these plans are good for those people who have the tools and skill to build this kick wheel or have the money to pay someone to build it. it would have been nice to have built this dream, but I have  not the wood craft skill, engineering skill or the money to pay someone to build this kick wheel. So help yourself it’s in a pdf file after this sentence.kick wheel plans if you do manage IMG_1723to build a wheel from these plans then please send us some pictures. IMG_1725IMG_1721


Manor Stokes next firing

Hi all
Hope you are all well and enjoying the cold dark winter days………..not long now till winter solstice!
Here is a quick word on the next firing from Sarah and Penny at Manor Stokes. Penny and I are working on firing dates for next year and should be able to confirm all dates soon. In the meantime, the next firing is scheduled for February – packing on the 9th, firing on the 10th which is a bit later than originally mooted so hope this isn’t a problem for anyone.
Please let us know if you will be taking part – pots have been slightly thin on the ground for the last couple of firings – it would be nice to have this next firing really chocca.
Members who have paid for part-time membership but are not putting pieces in the firing are welcome to join in with packing and stoking etc provided this does not detract from the involvement of those who have paid the firing fee – ie if there are a lot of members participating, those who have paid will have priority. Hope this makes sense. It is a slight change to the original offer.
In the meantime, if I don’t see you at my Open Studio on the 15th

 Although I moved in July, it has taken me a mere 4 months and much storm amanor wood firing kilnnd drag to finally get my kilns connected a week ago and so what better way to celebrate this hard-won success than with an Open Day. So come along to the event on the 15th December to sup some wine, nib some nibbles and see me and my work in my new habitat – lovely and homely and within walking distance of home, Doncaster Town Centre, the Train Station, the Market, including the local Art Market and local hostelries!  I’ll have pieces old and new on display, with both seconds and older work at TRULY AFFORDABLE PRICES!! Get your last-minute Christmas presents here!

(hint, hint) then have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and get making!

All the best
Manor Stokes
Sarah Villeneau
The Sow’s Ear
The Piggery
10 Coopers Terrace
07734 958310
Penny Withers
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were smoking again!

Manor Stokes Wood-firing Group. Please continue to spread the word if you know of people who may also be interested in joining.

We have been working hard to get the damper sorted and a solution has been devised and alterations are currently underway.  We are therefore proposing to pack and fire on the weekend of 14th/15th July – hurrah! I really hope you can all make this date – for some if not all of the time. 
We will start packing at 10 on the Saturday – there will be glazing facilities; however, it is always helpful if some of the glazing has already been done as packing in itself is quite time-consuming. It is also useful, in terms of the pack, to have all the pots ready and laid out at the start of the day so we can plan the layout ie if you can make it at the start of the day or deliver your pots earlier in the week (contact Penny or I if this is what you would like to do) that is best.
We will pack throughout the day until we are finished – this could be well into the evening. Firing will start early on Sunday – we have not yet set a time as this is dependent on people’s availability. Last time we started at 5 am – given that we were finished by about 8pm, I think this time we could all have a lie-in and start around 8/9 am. 
A date for unpacking will be decided by mutual agreement amongst all participants in this firing.
We are not sure of the state of the welfare block etc, so it may be that toilet facilities are still primitive, and no further work has been done in the workshop space. We have a kettle, and toilet facilities will be available at the main centre a short walk up the hill. There is parking on site. The site is quite exposed to the weather so bring extra wind/rain/sun/cold/hot protection – whatever the weather is where you are, its likely to be double the effect here! 
Please could you let us know asap whether you  wish to participate in this firing, whether you have lots of pots and your availability over the whole weekend. We can then draw up a rota if enough people are interested.
I think that’s all for now folks! Any questions get in touch. Hopefully we will soon have a website at www.manorstokes.org – watch this space! Contact details can me found here about the Wood firing group at Manor stokes membership


Artist`s: Sarah Villeneau – Penny Withers; Open Studios Sheffield 2012

Penny Withers and Sarah Villeneau have teamed up as ‘ Manor Stokers’, providing workshop facilities for clay based, hands-on group sessions and courses that are centred on a new design wood fired smokeless kiln. The new pottery is an important feature of the Manor Oaks Ceramics Trail, which also includes the historical pottery of John Fox and contemporary work by  recent graduates and resident ceramist schemes.

Penny and Sarah will be firing the kiln on Saturday 5th and unpacking it on Saturday 12th May. They will have an exhibition of their own work on show and for sale.

STUDIO: Manor Oaks Cottages feature a new pottery studio and urban smokeless wood-fired kiln. My work will be on temporary display.

via Artist: Sarah Villeneau – Open Studios Sheffield & South Yorkshire 2012.


email  manorstokers@yahoo.co.uk