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A new bowl

One of my objectives for this year was to try other forms, such as bowls. This of course is a natural progression from the jugs that I have made over the last year. I’ve enjoyed making the jugs since I first started on this new direction of my creative juices into ceramics. On my first wheel, which was a pottery turning wheel and very inappropriate for the task of throwing forms, I started to feel my way around the plasticity of the clay. I now find my self in a unique position, in that every small step I take leads to another possibility of creating. Creating what I can hear you say!  I think by that last statement I am trying to covey the difficulty in getting too a consistency in my throwing. A lot of blogs I read jump to the finished forms they have created and don’t seem to reflect on the process of the journey at getting there. Throwing clay I have found is those small steps i mention earlier, is learning  one hard lesson in that its got a memory.   New Bowl


New leap forward

It’s a new Year if you did`nt already  know. This is the time when you are forced to make some fast and hard decisions, as for one thing it gets boring listening to yourself making the same excuses. So what are my plans for the new year? Quite a few as it happens as I will soon get my kiln, which will enable me to glaze and fire my pots. This might sound like, do bears shit in the woods! But yes and no, yes they do and no in that I will now have to start thinking about more throwing, which means more shapes and a bigger learning curve in mixing glazes and firing a kiln to capacity. Also  I have been told that my work will be part of a pop up shop in York in 2015. So me and the bears have some **** to get together.