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Wardlow Mires pottery and food Festival

I recently went to the Wardlow Mires pottery and Food Festival, in Derbyshire. This is a real must for your diary for next year! Get on the mailing list. There are around fifty potters exhibiting their wares. I will up date my links to some of these potters as they are well worth a visit online. As my site says, I am a newbie potter and as such I found lots of inspiration and sound advice from the potters at the show. Mike Dodd  is a potter with lots of advice .Another potter that caught my attention was Ruthanne Tudball a soda glazed ceramics artist, you can find her work at . But what have done as far as my own pottery. Well I am still doing my jugs and getting pleased with my forms. My handles have taken a bit of a step back, but over all I am happy with the way things are going.

20131017-120337.jpg . As certain things come in to play like getting my centring and form more true. I then started some time back thinking of how I was was going to cook my pots. I looked at lots of kilns on eBay and gumtree and found then either over priced or too far away. So I have decided to build my own, with the help of joe finch kilns.


Next wood firing

Hello all

Just a quick email to let you know the next firing will take place on Tuesday 13th (packing) and Wednesday 14th (firing) November, with unpacking on Saturday 17th. You will notice this is a slight alteration from the previous dates we had mentioned of 12th and 13th. I really hope this does not cause a problem for anyone – it is due to the schedule of my MA which I have just started.

On the Saturday Yorkshire Artspace will be holding Open Studios up at the Manor and we (Manor Stokes) will be putting on an exhibition – you are all invited to participate in this exhibition and we will be looking for people to help set up and (wo)man the display on the Saturday. More details on this to follow.

Please let us know if you are able to join us for this firing.

Also, we now have a roof over the kiln!! Photos to follow.

All the best


Sarah Villeneau/Penny Withers
Manor Stokes
Studios 13/14 Persistence Works
Yorkshire Artspace
21 Brown Street
S1 2BS
07734958310/ 07510668585


More jugs

Second day making jugs. It’s amazing how time slips by when your on the wheel. Still making a few silly mistakes as I am making my jugs, with the major one being not concentrating! I love day dreaming but this is not helping the form of my jugs, as some have ended up looking like wide pots because I have not coned the clay in enough. I think I am getting there, what do you think?