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The search goes on

I am beginning to hate E-Bay! I must have been looking for a potter’s wheel for around six months now with no joy. They are all nearly down south or very over priced. I have started looking at gumtree or pre loved for a better chance of getting a wheel. I have joined the bidding on some items, only to be priced out time after time. So if you have an electric wheel for sale such as a podmore and don’t want silly money. please i have a good smoke free home for it waiting. just to keep my hand in i have been going to Thursday night classes at the www.thepottersbarn.f2s.com check it out. Also been going a bit of clay mask making. This is so simple. All you need is a carpet tube cut down the middle and covered in newspaper. Then you will need two pieces of wood to roll the clay between and give the thickness and spread of clay to fit over the cut cardboard. Then the rest is up to you! lots and lots of images of masks on the internet to give you inspiration.