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Have all my chickens come to roost?

I am laughing as i write this. Because it seems a bit too much to be true! In my last post i was giving up on e-bay, because I was getting priced out of every  auction.  I had seen this one particular wheel on e-bay yesterday  and decided to contact  the seller who had the item up  for sale.  The seller during our conversation  around the Pilling potters Wheel said that he too felt that people bid to much on items and consequently over inflated the final auction price.This next bit is a bit unbelievable. The seller told me how much i should bid on his item, and if the auction pushed it past this amount (and I won) he would give back the difference! It gets better! He suggested that I don’t bid on his wheel on e-bay as he had a Potters wheel at his studio which he was willing to sell to me for a £100 pounds after he had given it a good service. The guy has run a pottery studio for a long time and has a number of wheels at his disposal, and it seems this one which is an old heavy wheel is a much better one than the one up for sale and more sorted for my purposes. So its off to Chesterfield on Monday on the Sv650 to have a look and blow the cobwebs off the bike on the way. I use to do my pottery at one time in this shed until my circumstances changed. The shed was great but it had no water or electric supply, and no way of locking it up. I still have two sets of cupboards in there come to think of it that I must rescue! Why? Because I have been offered a new home for my pottery and hopefully new wheel. The new home is on an industrial estate in Hadfield in a joiners workshop. The new pottery room is separate to the workshop,  and the only condition at the moment is in having the space, is that I frequent the workshop at various times of the week on a fairly regular basis so it looks more occupied than it is at the moment. I have got to ask myself the question am I on a bit of a chicken run?