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Wardlow Mires pottery and food Festival

I recently went to the Wardlow Mires pottery and Food Festival, in Derbyshire. This is a real must for your diary for next year! Get on the mailing list. There are around fifty potters exhibiting their wares. I will up date my links to some of these potters as they are well worth a visit online. As my site says, I am a newbie potter and as such I found lots of inspiration and sound advice from the potters at the show. Mike Dodd  is a potter with lots of advice .Another potter that caught my attention was Ruthanne Tudball a soda glazed ceramics artist, you can find her work at . But what have done as far as my own pottery. Well I am still doing my jugs and getting pleased with my forms. My handles have taken a bit of a step back, but over all I am happy with the way things are going.

20131017-120337.jpg . As certain things come in to play like getting my centring and form more true. I then started some time back thinking of how I was was going to cook my pots. I looked at lots of kilns on eBay and gumtree and found then either over priced or too far away. So I have decided to build my own, with the help of joe finch kilns.


potters kick wheel plans

Hi everyone I have had for some time these potters kick wheel plans. I thought it was time to share these plans. The plans have been sat on my computer for some time, taking up storage space. At one time I thought I could build my own, but this adventure when  doing got out of control! I think these plans are good for those people who have the tools and skill to build this kick wheel or have the money to pay someone to build it. it would have been nice to have built this dream, but I have  not the wood craft skill, engineering skill or the money to pay someone to build this kick wheel. So help yourself it’s in a pdf file after this sentence.kick wheel plans if you do manage IMG_1723to build a wheel from these plans then please send us some pictures. IMG_1725IMG_1721

Jugs big and small

Have started throwing bigger jugs of recent using two pounds of clay. It has taken a bit of time to adjust to the new weight of clay as far as centring and shaping is concern. To be honest a lot of my trouble is concentrating on what I am doing, and sticking to it!! I am all over the place at the moment trying to put ever thing I have learnt into practice on the wheel. I forget little simple things like sticking to how far I pull the clay out after centring. This is not such a bad thing as I have found myself ending up creating a pot I would never of never set out to form. In going with the flow of the clay has resulted in a possible vase taking shape or maybe even a honey jar. I suppose its in my nature to-day dream, have a play and not be too serious. please if you read this post, please leave a comment as its great to get some feed back.

a bigger pot

a bigger pot

pots of all shapes and sizes

pots of all shapes and sizes

I have been chasing jugs

I been chasing jugs for a while now during these last summers months. But I have not still I feel got my jugs to where I want them yet. The jug making has been a lot of fun and still is and still is my pet project at the moment. Big ones and small one of all shapes and sizes they line my shelfs. Sunday just gone was a good jug making day and now I am just waiting for these pots to go leather hard. I have had a bit of a problem with getting my pots leather hard or getting the timing right when they are at that state. As my work shop is very cool, the pots take a week to get to the leather hard state. In my keenness to attached my handles to jugs I have distorted the jugs in the process as they have still been soft! When I have not been moving flat again this summer or in the workshop I have been distracted  by other things like potters shows for one over the summer months, I have visited a good few show where potters have been showing their wares. Here is a nice example of one the delights of those shows. I bought this and I just love it.