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I have sold my first two jugs

A big smile and a big thank you to all the people who have help me on my pottery journey, as I have made my first sale of two jugs. I can tell you its a great feeling to have completed the process from clay to sale . A grand total of £22.00 pounds from the two sales will go towards the purchase of new clay. Thank you jim, jenny, Elaine,grace, Joseph,james,sam and Lotties Loft in Glossop.


potters kick wheel plans

Hi everyone I have had for some time these potters kick wheel plans. I thought it was time to share these plans. The plans have been sat on my computer for some time, taking up storage space. At one time I thought I could build my own, but this adventure when  doing got out of control! I think these plans are good for those people who have the tools and skill to build this kick wheel or have the money to pay someone to build it. it would have been nice to have built this dream, but I have  not the wood craft skill, engineering skill or the money to pay someone to build this kick wheel. So help yourself it’s in a pdf file after this sentence.kick wheel plans if you do manage IMG_1723to build a wheel from these plans then please send us some pictures. IMG_1725IMG_1721