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I have been chasing jugs

I been chasing jugs for a while now during these last summers months. But I have not still I feel got my jugs to where I want them yet. The jug making has been a lot of fun and still is and still is my pet project at the moment. Big ones and small one of all shapes and sizes they line my shelfs. Sunday just gone was a good jug making day and now I am just waiting for these pots to go leather hard. I have had a bit of a problem with getting my pots leather hard or getting the timing right when they are at that state. As my work shop is very cool, the pots take a week to get to the leather hard state. In my keenness to attached my handles to jugs I have distorted the jugs in the process as they have still been soft! When I have not been moving flat again this summer or in the workshop I have been distracted  by other things like potters shows for one over the summer months, I have visited a good few show where potters have been showing their wares. Here is a nice example of one the delights of those shows. I bought this and I just love it.



Learning the Chattering Tips for Texturing the Pottery Surface with Hsin-Chuen Lin

Having been away from the wheel for six months I have now been back practicing my basic shapes and producing some jugs. Having moved my damp cupboard into my work space I can concentrate on getting the form right on my jugs as the cupboard allows me to store the jugs until I have the time to attach the handles. Also during this week I have focused more of my attention on the marking of the surface.Form and marking the surface are my areas of focus at the moment! The shape or form of my pots are in the eye of the beholder of course. so any small or large detail in the texture that I can add to the surface will I hope complement the pot when finally finished. If i was to direct the reader to two places or interest, it would be this book; Potters Tips Practical Advice for Potters from Readers of Ceramic Review. Also check out this website  you tube clips, especially the video on chattering.  Hsinchuen also does a video on making your own tool for chattering!

were smoking again!

Manor Stokes Wood-firing Group. Please continue to spread the word if you know of people who may also be interested in joining.

We have been working hard to get the damper sorted and a solution has been devised and alterations are currently underway.  We are therefore proposing to pack and fire on the weekend of 14th/15th July – hurrah! I really hope you can all make this date – for some if not all of the time. 
We will start packing at 10 on the Saturday – there will be glazing facilities; however, it is always helpful if some of the glazing has already been done as packing in itself is quite time-consuming. It is also useful, in terms of the pack, to have all the pots ready and laid out at the start of the day so we can plan the layout ie if you can make it at the start of the day or deliver your pots earlier in the week (contact Penny or I if this is what you would like to do) that is best.
We will pack throughout the day until we are finished – this could be well into the evening. Firing will start early on Sunday – we have not yet set a time as this is dependent on people’s availability. Last time we started at 5 am – given that we were finished by about 8pm, I think this time we could all have a lie-in and start around 8/9 am. 
A date for unpacking will be decided by mutual agreement amongst all participants in this firing.
We are not sure of the state of the welfare block etc, so it may be that toilet facilities are still primitive, and no further work has been done in the workshop space. We have a kettle, and toilet facilities will be available at the main centre a short walk up the hill. There is parking on site. The site is quite exposed to the weather so bring extra wind/rain/sun/cold/hot protection – whatever the weather is where you are, its likely to be double the effect here! 
Please could you let us know asap whether you  wish to participate in this firing, whether you have lots of pots and your availability over the whole weekend. We can then draw up a rota if enough people are interested.
I think that’s all for now folks! Any questions get in touch. Hopefully we will soon have a website at www.manorstokes.org – watch this space! Contact details can me found here about the Wood firing group at Manor stokes membership


Please do not flush down toilet

As you can see from the examples below, hand building in clay is an Art out on its own. When I was at the potters barn in Sandbach  http://www.thepottersbarn.f2s.com/ for my pottery  class last week, a gentleman was showing his hand building work of which he had made a dragon and a tall pot that looked no different from one thrown on a wheel. A good example of some one that creates fantastic creatures out of clay also is a chap called Adrian Holt. Adrian  lives and works up here in the high peak. Here is his website  http://adrianholt.co. / .   Adrian Holt is a ceramics artist who produces an eclectic and unusual range of ceramics that create eye-catching displays suitable for decorating any environment.