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Still playing with my jugs

This cold weather is really slowing down the drying of my jugs. I thought I would post another picture of some of the different shape of jugs I have made with the handles on. Also a few shapes that look like a small vase and a paint brush pot.




Practice Practice Practice!

A good fours hours throwing on the wheel today. And only two pots i thought that were good enough i have kept! The centering of the clay is at times a nightmare and other times it comes like second nature. Why this is? I can not tell for sure, only that i am not at times in the zone of thinking of purely and simply getting the clay in the center of the wheel. Too wet too dry too fast too slow. Clay not coming up, clay too dry, clay spinning out of control. Some parts looking right and feeling good only to mess up on the last finishing stage of removal from the wheel. Fingers get in the way and push into the clay the wrong way. Bowl turns into a floppy hat, jug fans out to vase, all turn into creamy sticky clay.