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My Kiln has arrived

Just taken delivery of my kiln, hooray! It’s now stood outside covered up against the driving rain at the workshop. The cost I am very pleased with! As it’s worked out at £140 quid, with delivery included. The gas burners are being hand-made and tested tomorrow, by a friend of mine. So very  soon I will be cooking on gas and cooking those pots. What a  good feeling to have all the equipment at my reach to start experimenting with different forms. Now is, the right time for a change of direction  into making bowls and other forms.  Image


Pablo Picasso Ceramics

I’ve looked at Pablo Picasso’s Ceramics today, as I have started thinking about the surface of my pots and the decorating of them. Line, tone, texture is the starting point, but i keep coming back to another point of keeping it simple in every way. So when I looked at Picasso pots it touch me to see the child like playfulness in his forms and simple line from his brush. I think so anyway and it has touched me.