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Any old cupboards.

Finally after some weeks i managed to put the Kitchen Cupboards up that i had required from a posting on free cycle glossop. A kind lady had no more use for these Ikea cupboards, so they have found a new lease of life as storage in the pottery shed. one of the cupboards I have turned into a damp cupboard for unfinished jugs or mugs that need handles. I have attempted making jugs and some of my Cylinders could of made mugs, thinking about it now. I have practised making handles and was very pleased with my initial efforts, but soon realised that some things need a little more time and space to get it right. So a damp cupboard gives you that space and time to work on your master pieces with more attention to detail at a future date! Some old cupboards a glue gun and thin foam to line the inside and that’s it, lovely moist pot’s. Don’t you just love that touch of the clay at this stage.