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Its been a good day.

potter road

Its been a good day. I have started to make some progress with the throwing after such a long time off the wheel. Practice, practice is not all you need to bring to the wheel to complete a pot. Focus, focus and more focus. Getting back that feel of the clay in the fingers has been a good feeling today. Chasing up that ripple of clay from the bottom of the pot to the very top, like a mighty wave ebbing  on to the shore.” Feel the clay” a potter once told me! How true this is, you need to feel and go with the clay and stay focused on the task  at hand. So I am happy in the fact that I have started to get the feel for the clay back and started to make a few items to put up on my shelf. 


We learn by our mistakes?

Don’t we just not learn by our mistakes! When i am throwing on the wheel the last thing on my mind are the mistakes I’ve made on other pots. I feel it is more important to go with the  feel of the clay and try to get some parts of the form right At the beginning keep it simple and keep trying to create those basic shapes. Keep going over and over them trying to create a bowl or Cylinder I have a very good set of videos which shows these basic stages in forming the bowl and Cylinder. Here is the first one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwmBn8m397E .