Manor Stokes Wood-firing Group

Manor Stokes Wood firing group are a not-for-profit community group, Manor Stokes aim is to enable both pottery enthusiasts and professionals to learn about and engage with the process of wood-firing as spectators and participants. Our smokeless wood-fired kiln, based on a design by Matsakazu Kusakabe, is located at Manor Farm cottages in a wonderful oasis in the center of Sheffield managed by the Social Enterprise Green Estate, whose remit is to regenerate the local area through the development of heritage craft skills and opportunities for the local community. Adjacent to the kiln are workshop facilities; and a ceramics theme runs through the programme of events and activities at Manor Lodge, building on the historical precedence of pottery on the site. Manor Stokes will work closely with Green Estate to raise the profile of wood-firing and ceramics locally, regionally and nationally with Open Days and targeted events in which members of the group will be invited to take part. Manor Stokes will also run ceramics courses for participants of all levels of experience. For more details please contact Sarah Villeneau on 07734958310 or Penny Withers 07510668585 or email


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