Why its a pottery blog for me

Hi i am a newbie potter based up in the North of Britain . In fact i have been interested in pottery now for around six months, which isn’t that long (a bit longer than six months now!) . I have set out to share my experiences as a newbie potter in all its highs and lows. Every one has to start some where so the line goes. So I started from a chance placement at a school which had a kiln and various pottery equipment which had become surplus to the schools requirements. I had the flame lit and it has grown ever since, through the influence of various books, websites and people. This blog is more about my journey in pottery so it will focus on what currently happening at this time in my journey in pottery. I also see my use of word press as like a big scrap-book of happenings and ideas. As you look through my blog you will be able see where my journey has  taken me so far in ceramics. 


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