I have one in the oven

I have for some time been contemplating getting a kiln. I suppose like most people I have explored lots of possibilities of building or purchasing a kiln. My journey has been full of dead ends. On line sites like gum tree and e-bay are great place for viewing the different goods on offer and getting an idea of price, but no good at real bargains  any more I feel. I think there is no amount of people who will bid on a given item like kilns and in the process get caught up in the bidding feeding frenzy. Top dollar and full whack they go for, time after time. Transportation and place are two other factors that come into the mix of getting a kiln and end up pushing up the price. But as I speak I have just seen a kiln on e-bay which fits the bill of bargain corner and is close to home. I might have to eat my words here! But there is still three days to go and usually the price rockets through the roof. As you can see I am still keeping my door open to every possibilities, but I feel that I am going down the road of building a gas-fired kiln, using methods from Joe finch.joe finch kilnsand a good friend of mine jim Simpson in kiln building.


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