New glazed pots

Its been a long eight weeks getting the movement back into my arm. I suppose the recent cold weather has been a blessing, in that its given me an excuse to why I was not throwing. I did try to throw with my fractured elbow, but found it too painful. Good job then  that I had just completed some small and medium stoneware  jugs, which were ready for glazing. Down too May at Glossop Craft Center where they were biscuit fired and then fired again with the Honey Glaze take from the book The potters Book of Glaze, by Emmanuel Cooper.    Don`t usually sell things but this book is worth a look, especially for a newbie potter such as me. Here is a brief description; Emmanuel Cooper provides potters with an introductory section on glaze materials, coloring, mixing, and the application of glazes, as well as information on health and safety issues. It has over 400 recipes ranging from opaque, matte, and transparent glazes to crystalline and black iron glazes, organized according to their varying temperature ranges. Well I have gone on and on over the twelve weeks about these pots, so here they are. Next project is to build a Gas fired Kiln and more throwing of pots.

Honey Glaze

Honey Glaze

Big and Small Fat and Tall

Big and Small Fat and Tall

Feeding time these pots are hungry.Feeding time these pots are hungry


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