Different shapes in the clay

I have gone with the flow as I've thrown my pots to see what different shapes are possible using two pounds of clay. Also I have switched back to a pound of clay at times, which feels strange at the time too believe that you can produce small jugs or just pots from this amount of clay. One thing that has happened, is I have started right back at the beginning, in that every time i have changed the amount of clay on the wheel, I have struggled to get the form I have desired. I have not been using a rib to get my shapes, but using the feel of the clay to determine the shape. This is all very trial and error on my part as I am still learning the nature of the clay and how it behaves. Again as I have mention in a previous post a little lack of concentration, can change the make-up of the piece. Hey, sounding a little pretentious? I hope not! One good thing I have mastered, is pulling up the clay to make a collar of clay on the pot, which makes a big difference when I can remember to do it!





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