Jugs big and small

Have started throwing bigger jugs of recent using two pounds of clay. It has taken a bit of time to adjust to the new weight of clay as far as centring and shaping is concern. To be honest a lot of my trouble is concentrating on what I am doing, and sticking to it!! I am all over the place at the moment trying to put ever thing I have learnt into practice on the wheel. I forget little simple things like sticking to how far I pull the clay out after centring. This is not such a bad thing as I have found myself ending up creating a pot I would never of never set out to form. In going with the flow of the clay has resulted in a possible vase taking shape or maybe even a honey jar. I suppose its in my nature to-day dream, have a play and not be too serious. please if you read this post, please leave a comment as its great to get some feed back.

a bigger pot

a bigger pot

pots of all shapes and sizes

pots of all shapes and sizes


One comment

  1. connie

    Happy Holidays!!! I have to agree the hardest part is keeping my mind in the moment as well. I like what you have done so far, I feel one has to listen to the clay, silly as it may sound. I can not wait to see how they looked after you glaze your pots
    . Keep up the good work.!!!

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