Learning the Chattering Tips for Texturing the Pottery Surface with Hsin-Chuen Lin

Having been away from the wheel for six months I have now been back practicing my basic shapes and producing some jugs. Having moved my damp cupboard into my work space I can concentrate on getting the form right on my jugs as the cupboard allows me to store the jugs until I have the time to attach the handles. Also during this week I have focused more of my attention on the marking of the surface.Form and marking the surface are my areas of focus at the moment! The shape or form of my pots are in the eye of the beholder of course. so any small or large detail in the texture that I can add to the surface will I hope complement the pot when finally finished. If i was to direct the reader to two places or interest, it would be this book; Potters Tips Practical Advice for Potters from Readers of Ceramic Review. Also check out this website  you tube clips, especially the video on chattering.  Hsinchuen also does a video on making your own tool for chattering!


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