The new wheel has arrived

After six months the new wheel has arrived and the new work space is up and ready. All I needed was my clay. So I drove down to Stoke on Trent to buy my clay from Valentine Clays Ltd Well worth the drive down as the staff were very friendly and helpful in helping you buy the right clay for your work. So no more pontificating now about when and how! Time to start getting down to throwing some pots with my new white stoneware clay. I must at this point give a big shout to Jim Simpson who’s wheel it is and which he has kindly given me the loan of. Jim has been very supportive in getting me up and running in my ceramic pursuit. Do have look at Jim’s website    because he is a very interesting fellow, free  spirit  and very experienced  potter. So what have i been doing besides drinking tea and eating biscuits in the workshop? Well I have gone back to basics of creating cylinders and small jugs. But I am off on holiday soon so everything is back on hold, but only for a week this time.


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