Call off the search!

The old wash-house

Its been a long  journey these last three months trying to find a new potters wheel and then a new home for the wheel. Today I at last moved the rest of my pottery stuff out of the old wash-house pottery shed. This has mainly been odd items such as clay buckets and some cupboards. Call off the search? Why? Because in two weeks I should have delivery of an  Alsager Wheel which I will moved into its new home in Hadfield. The place of the new home I am going to keep secret for the moment tho. Why? Well for one of two  reasons. One being that small workshop are very difficult to find in the first place or come at a price! I would at this point like to give a Big shout to Jo Orme of new mills originals, for her kind offer to share space in her garage at the back of her home. My e-mail asking for workspace for a homeless  potter, through Derbyshire Arts generated a few offers from other Artists within the Derbyshire area . Another artist I would like to give a shout to is Rachael Pinks  who offered some space which sounded great but was just a little too far away (about twenty miles in fact). As for all the cafe  and gallery’s a Big shout to the Royston cafe in Hadfield where my advert for space was discovered on the notice board. And a thank you to the Laughing Badger Gallery in Padfield . Its funny I had nearly given up the idea of finding a space to work in, but as my friend said “don’t worry something will turn up” and it did.


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