It’s all gone wrong

It’s all gone wrong as far as converting my kick wheel into an electric wheel! At first the idea was to make the Wenger wheel into a sit down one by cannibalising the parts off the Wenger to make a Leach type kick wheel. But this idea was scrapped in favour of using the initial metal frame and building a seat and kick bar onto the frame. This seemed at the time a straight forward process of taking what you had and expanding on it! But it did not work. We could not get the kick bar right and the seat had to have a supporting bar to the floor to stop the whole thing toppling over! I also searched high and low for a variable speed motor and controller but no joy. The last idea was a golf trolley motor with a Hornby variable speed track controller to run the wheel. Does this make any sense? Has been a bit of a mad one and a fun one. I think I might need to cut down on the sugar in my tea tho.



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