Still in the workshop

It’s all gone quiet on the pottery front. The reason being is that my kick wheel is still in the engineering workshop. The wheel head has been removed from a very tight thread with a lot of persuasive force I was told, and the result is that now if I wanted to I could have the head drilled so bats can be fitted. But the main work on the conversion of the wheel to a sit down kick wheel has not had a good start. Basically the new kick bar was fixed too high on the original swing bar making it very difficult to get any rhythm on the kick. The frame for the seat could have suited someone of twenty four stone so is being cut now to a slimmer frame I hope! Also the frame on the side of the wheel that’s to hold a shelf or tool tray was set to far back and to close to the seat frame making it impossible for my right knee to get a good position next to the main frame. It has been a strange affair as I did provide some examples of other kick wheels to the engineer which I did notice was still under a cuppa of now green tea. Not to worry if the kick bar does not work I think we will fix a variable speed motor to the wheel. This would not be my first choice as I feel you lose a part of you going into your pottery with this method.




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