Thank you Mr Allen

When I need to search e-bay for pottery items I use the site which gives a complete quick overview of all items currently for sale on the e-bay site. This has been very helpful in my current conversion of my Wenger kick wheel as I had seen a similar but shorter version of my wheel on this perticular site. This shorten version had the mechanics I desired for my wheel. But the photographs of the shorten Wenger kick Wheel on e-bay did not show clearly the operation of the mechanics of the wheel. I will do a page at a future date which will hopefully demonstrate the conversion of the wheel from old to new. I needed clearer pictures of the mechanics of the wheel so with a no harm in asking attitude. I sent a message to the seller of the shorten wheel for some close up pictures (nothing like a bit of cheek at times). Well he did just that! Included in the nine pictures was a detailed drawing of the wheel also. Thank you for your time and effort on helping me get another step closer to achieving my kick wheel conversion. You are a gentleman.


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