All the best plans

All the best plans go to pot. I had written in my last post that I had plans to build a Leech wheel. But things as they usual do take a different course and this is the fact with this Leech wheel. Cost is a big aspect to consider with this build, because hard wood is not cheap to buy either new or salvaged! However this is not the sole reason for the change of direction; getting a joinery shop to give me a quote on building the frame has! I have tried three joiners who had all the detail plans but had not got back with a quote after two weeks . One joiner after numerous phone calls in trying to get a quote off him, still needed to see me in person before he would discuss anything regarding the frame build. So after the realisation that I was getting no where fast I have taken the advice of my engineering friend and will now covert my Wenger wheel.  I have a Wenger kick wheel which has all the components needed to covert to a kick wheel similar to a leech wheel but in metal. The plan now is to attach a seat just below the bowl; connect a crank and kick bar just above the red wheel shown in the photo using the bar in the middle of the picture. The kick bar which is to made out of metal will run horizontally from the back right hand leg on the frame coming behind the spindle and out to the left. The Leech kick wheel is only going to be part of this project now in its spirit of the kick wheel.


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