Fingers and thumbs

 It was just like they said it would be. All fingers and thumbs trying to get the handles  on to the pots. To make matters worse the handles had dried out to much and stuck to the board that had flaked its surface so bits of the board were stuck to the handles. But what fun its been getting to this stage. Practice, practice in getting the feel and the shape of the pots. I am as i write this laughing at the picture of my pot with all its lovely faults exposed by the hard lighting. I will learn from my efforts and move on in some creative vain the next time. Sounds a little bit prestigious that last bit, but you do reflect on the process of your handling of the clay and the results. Handles need more time pulling and more of them for the next time.  Shapes will develop from repeat throwing, when i get around to it. But at the moment i have making  glazes and another kick wheel fueling my day dreams.


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