Back to basics

The most important thing in most things is to have fun, which I have producing my sometimes wobbly pots. But i had realised some time back that I had lost my way and needed some direction in getting back to the basics of making pots. Dont get me wrong its been fun playing with the clay and trying out various forms. It was just that i was having trouble in some of the aspect of my throwing, and the plastic tray under the wheel head was turning into a clay bath, Not being precious about your efforts is in my book good to a point, but it had come the time to get some help in getting back to basics! So last saturday I made my merry way down to the potters barn in Sandbach in Cheshire. Where under the guidance of a skilled potter called Steve I under went a correction lesson in pottery for two and half hours. The lesson was worth every penny i must say! Steve is a very experienced potter who soon gets me back on the right track in regards to the fundamentals in throwing and clay. Steve is a wealth of information, happy to talk show and demonstrate all different aspects of pottery. I wish i had thought about some relevant questions to ask about my pottery before i had gone. No real need because the mere mention of handles or raku, steve was divulging or demonstrating his experience on the matter. Steve in one two and half lesson cured my bad habits, and skill fully pointed me in the right direction with my throwing. Three well prepared lumps of clay, half a hour to throw three pots thats been the home work. Here is the web site of the Potters Barn Their was a request for some pictures of my other no so wobbly pots.


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