You have to start some where!

Feel the clay as you create your pots, this is very good advice given on a course i attended in the Lake district, this course is run by Barbara and Dick Wright The only trouble with this advice is knowing where you are going with the clay in the first place.It can all go very wrong very quickly when you are throwing on the wheel and in my case just to make it a little bit harder a kick wheel, which i bid for and won on e-bay for fifty pounds. Practice practice with making shapes that are the basic shapes you need to make either a cylinder or a bowl. A good source of videos are on you tube by Simon leach! From his website you will find a link to his , these are an excellent source of references and encouragement If i could offer my own advice at this time it would be to have fun! Playing with the different shape making forms that go to making the cylinder or bowl. 


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