Its good to be back

I have found myself having not thrown any pots for sometime now! Through no fault of my own Its been like pushing a pea up a hill with my nose trying to get things sorted. I suppose it started when I agreed to wait and contribute to getting a ton of clay with several other potters. This did not materialize as people pulled out for various reason leaving me having waited near on eight weeks and at the end out of clay. My main suppliers for clay are around an hour and half away in stoke but might as well be a hundred and fifty as work comes first and they are open only during the week and close early evening. Getting the clay delivered also puts another twenty pounds on the price of the clay. Another little problem was that the kiln I had purchased need to have a part replaced and fitted by a good friend of mine, who only recently has found time to look at the kiln due to pottery shows over the summer. It has seemed daft to start throwing until I had this new kiln in place as I would be , having to wait on other people to fire my pots once I had thrown them. So its off to stoke on Trent to pick up the clay this week so I can get back throwing some pots. Hopefully the kiln will be ready by the end of the month to cook the then dried out glazed pots.

Every picture tells a story

20140728-132903-48543602.jpg . After the firing and glazing of these pots it’s all stop at the moment. The kids are out of school and skinny dipping in the local stream and I am lazing on the river bank. I suppose it’s a good time to reflect and contemplate what I need to be in place in the workshop for late September. The second hand kiln will be fixed around October time I think, which will hopefully be just right to start experimenting with different glazes. In the mean time I can pug some clay and Finnish the clay trap from the wheel. Also I suppose some extra shelves and the sink being put in would be a helpful plan.